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According to the experts at Lenzyme Corp., The use of a garbage disposal will add extra solids to your septic tank. You are probably better off not using the garbage disposal and should throw the waste into your garbage instead.”    Click here for guide Maintain Your Septic Tank

The FPS-610C is the perfect alternative to the garbage disposal.

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Septic system problems will result in messy cleanups and septic system odor in your house. Septic backups could be as simple as clogs in your drain lines running to your septic system, or a clogged septic tank filter. REDUCE THE CLOGS WITH A No Brainer Drain Strainer.

slide2                  Typical Home Sink Cabinet With Garbage Disposal


                                    Home sink cabinet with FPS-610C



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;================================================================================drawer-with-garbageDrawer holds 9 Liters of food scraps! When full, simply pull out and empty into trashfps-610c-dimensions                                                         FPS-610C dimensions