Drain Strainer-610C

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For Sinks With Open Drains

Up to 9″ diameter and 19″-24″ above floor. (For Floor or Wall Drains)
(U.S. Patent View Patent 7,490,375)

According to Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, “Grease is the most likely cause of a major clog…. COUPLED WITH FOOD SCRAPS ENTERING DRAIN LINES DURING PREPARATION, are the typical sources of grease buildup in most restaurants”

Read entire Cornell University Guide Cornell University Plumbing Guide

Model FPS-610C fits directly under any food prep & ware-washing sink. Its Crown Adapter guides wastewater into the strainer drawer, whose 3,600 holes ensures the food scraps do not enter your piping system. Reduces maintenance, backflows and foul grease odors. It minimizes human error, negligence & misuse, drast- ically reducing clogs & backflows while allowing your sinks to drain quickly (up to 18 GPM). Strainer drawer holds 9 L of scraps; when full, simply empty into a trashcan & slide back in.

Replaces any Garbage Disposal unit. It:

  • Saves money on water and electricity.
    • Is environmentally friendly.
    • Has no moving parts to maintain.
    • Is constructed with durable stainless steel.
    • Is encouraged by local governments and Water Districts.
  • Its 3 legs adjust the unit’s height from 19 to 24 inches as measured from top of crown. Bolts to floor for extra stability.


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