Drain Strainer-610B

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Drain Strainer for Wall Drains

(U.S. Patent View Patent 7,490,375)

According to Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, “Grease is the most likely cause of a major clog… COUPLED WITH FOOD SCRAPS ENTERING DRAIN LINES DURING PREPARATION, are the typical sources of grease buildup in most restaurants”
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The Model FPS-610B is designed to capture the food scraps, thereby greatly reducing grease buildup. This grease trap pre-strainer is designed to fit perfectly under any food preparation & ware-washing sink, intercepting solid particles from wastewater. It minimizes human error, negligence & misuse, while drastically reducing the chances of clogs & backflows and allowing your sinks to drain quickly.

Made of durable stainless steel, with no movable parts requiring maintenance. When strainer drawer fills up, simply empty into a trashcan and slide back in. Every food preparation & ware-washing sink would benefit from having this commercial grade strainer under it. Handles up to 18 GPM water flow. 2 Outlets for easy installation. Its 3 adjustable legs raise its bottom outlet up to 24″. Can be bolted to floor for extra stability.


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